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PNtoy: PN Junction Lab

Welcome to the PNtoy development area. This project is for people actively developing the PNtoy simulator.

  • GettingStarted - learn how to download the current code and make changes
  • TicketSystem - use trouble tickets to report problems and document ideas for future development

What is PNtoy?

This tool has everything you need to explore and teach the basic concepts of P-N junction devices. Edit the doping concentrations, change the materials, tweak minority carrier lifetimes, and modify the ambient temperature. Then, see the effects in the energy band diagram, carrier densities, net charge distribution, I/V characteristic, etc.

Powered by: PADRE (Pisces And Device REplacement) developed by Mark Pinto at AT&T Bell Labs.

Run PNtoy on the nanoHUB, right in your web browser!

How do I use this site?

You can edit any of the pages in this site and add information. For more instructions, see: