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Self-Assembling GUI Application (SAGA): Prototype tool that uses a TK-based GUI to build Rappture tools without writing XML directly

Welcome to the Self-Assembling GUI Application (SAGA) development area. This project is for people actively developing source code and documentation for this tool.

  • GettingStarted - learn how to download the current code and make changes
  • TicketSystem - use trouble tickets to report problems and document ideas for future development

What is Self-Assembling GUI Application (SAGA)?

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The idea of 'self-assembly' is often used with nanotechnology; the idea of self-assembly is that disordered system of existing components (the zoo of Rappture GUI elements) can form a pattern or organized structure (Rappture GUI) without external direction (user hand-coding XML).

This project aims to create a prototype, 'proof-of-concept' tool to help users build Rappture tools without the hassle of writing XML code directly (creating "pseudo-self-assembly"). The self-assembly comes from the fact that the user is using a GUI to create their own Rappture GUI (GUIs creating GUIs etc). The tool will be written in Python using TkInter? (possibly exploring wxPython or PyQt? as alternatives); tool is currently in the planning and early development stage.

Current Progress and To-Do List

7/20: Initial concept developed, GUI sketch 7/25: Tool registered/created 7/29-7/30 (gotta love midnight coding!): Tkinter basic layout completed

To-Do (in the near future)

  • Begin coding button functions
  • Explore daemon forking for running a Rappture "preview"
  • Begin coding XML generating scipt (should I use python? check for built-in XML modules)
  • Code makefile/invoke middleware scripts for nanoHUB deployment