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2D-Schreodinger-Poisson solver: two-dimensional Schreodinger-Poisson solver

What is 2D-Schreodinger-Poisson solver?

A computational tool that allows one to virtually fabricate and examine nanoscale devices will not only benefit future work in the development of semiconductor electronics but will also help students new to the field of device physics. Trellakis and Ravaioli [1] developed an efficient and robust method for obtaining a self-consistent two-dimensional model based on the coupled system of Schrodinger's and Poisson's equations. The method was incorporated in a program that we refer to as schrpoisson2d. This rappturized program enables one to examine the cross sections of several nanoscale conduction channel structures to quantify parameters such as carrier density under a given gate bias.

[1] A. Trellakis and U. Ravaioli, J. Appl. Phys., 86, 3911 (1997).