nanoHUB: Impact On Education

by Gerhard Klimeck

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== nanoHUB's Impact on Education ==
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The contributions of to learning have been significant. Since its inception nanoHUB has been used in 379 graduate and undergraduate courses taught at more than 130 different institutions. The number of courses taught per semester has also grown, up from 28 four years ago to 64 today.
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While classrooom use of nanoHUB is heaviest in the United States, it is also used in courses taught in Belgium, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Taiwan and the United Kingdom, among others.
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Significantly, nanoHUB has at lease one user at nearly 20% of all 7,073 U.S.-domiciled .edu domains, and includes 47 of America's top 50 engineering schools (as identified by U.S. News and World Report magazine), and by 88% of the top 33 physics and chemistry schools in the nation. in both categories nanoHUB simulation users run an average of 102 simulations and spend 5.95 hours per year on the sitee--up from 4.5 hours per year in other earlier reporting periods.
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While there is room for growth, nanoHUB's use at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, High Hispanic Enrollment Institutions and Minority-Serving Institutions is also noteworthy. In particular, Historically Black Colleges and Universities enjoy a highly intensive web-usage per student.
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