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  1. Image specifications

    Uploading your images to nanoHUB is easy. You can add images to multiple types of content on the site, including resources, wiki pages, and your nanoHUB profile.Allowed image file...


  2. Setting Up a nanoHUB Project in a Group

    Setting up a project in a nanoHUB group is easy. Just follow these steps:Go to the group pageIn the left-side menu, click on "Projects"Click on the button to add a new projectOn the next...


  3. How Do I Manage My Files?

    Managing files on your nanoHUB account is important. If you run out of space, you may not be able to run simulations.The best way to access your files is to use an SFTP client to connect to...


  4. Sharing Resources in nanoHUB Group Wiki Pages

    Each group in nanoHUB has a set of wiki pages that is accessible to members of the group.  The group managers can display or hide the wiki page functionality, and set the access for the wiki...


  5. Best Practices for Recording Lectures

    Self Recording:For self recordings, the best approach is to create a voiced-over PowerPoint file where the resulting presentation is contained within the PowerPoint file along with your slides...


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  1. Aerogel (Aerogel)

    02 Jul 2020 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):: Nano-Link Center for Nanotechnology Education, Carol E. Bouvier, James J Marti, Rodfal Alberto Rodriguez (editor), María Teresa Rivera (editor)

    Los aerogeles son las sustancias semisólidas conocidas más livianas que existen. Los aerogeles de sílice o dióxido de silicio (SiO2) tienen la misma estructura química que la arena de sílice o el vidrio de las ventanas, pero tienen diferencias...

  2. Materials Camp for High School Students

    01 Jul 2020 | Series | Contributor(s):: Amber Genau

    These activities were all developed for the Materials Camp program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), which began in 2011. The camp is a five-day, non-residential program designed to introduce mostly local 10th-12th grade students to the field of materials engineering and the...

  3. ECE 595M Lecture 1.2: Overview of Process Equipment

    01 Jul 2020 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s):: Minghao Qi

  4. Encapsulación y Liberación Controlada: Macro Cápsulas (Encapsulation & Controlled Release)

    30 Jun 2020 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):: Nano-Link Center for Nanotechnology Education, James J Marti, Kyle Forgette, Rodfal Alberto Rodriguez (editor), María Teresa Rivera (editor)

    Este módulo introduce el proceso de la formación de macro cápsulas y el concepto de autoensamblaje. Formar cápsulas a escalas macro, micro y nano tiene aplicaciones muy importantes en la liberación de medicamentos, cosméticos, tecnología de...

  5. Nanofiltración (NanoFiltration)

    30 Jun 2020 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):: Nano-Link Center for Nanotechnology Education, Sandra Weeks, Laura Arndt, Rodfal Alberto Rodriguez (editor), María Teresa Rivera (editor)

    El suministro de agua contaminada se ha convertido en un problema local en las comunidades de los Estados Unidos y el mundo. Aunque las situaciones dramáticas en Flint, Michigan y Nueva Orleans después del huracán Katrina ocuparon los titulares noticiosos, los vecindarios y...

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  1. How to Scrap a Car Fast?

    I have just at any point claimed two vehicles, and a cheat mitigated me of the last one. So when it came to bidding farewell to my ancient 13-year-old Alfa bequest, lying surrendered with a dead...


  2. How to share code snippets

    code snippet to create a slider from IPython.display import displayw=widgets.IntSlider()display(w) this is a way you can share code that can be pasted directly into a Jupyter notebook.


  3. How to Fix "Errors have been detected in the .OST file" in Outlook?

    https://image.ibb.co/f2y92T/errors_have_been_detected_in_the_file_outlook_ost.pngDue to corruption in Outlook offline OST files, Microsoft Outlook users generally get an error message“Errors have...


  4. Upload & Migrate Thunderbird to Office 365

    You cannot manually migrate Thunderbird to Office 365. There are many reasons behind this which make it an extraordinary process and it can be used in some circumstances like – you have data...


  5. Code Snippet for converging at an appropriate initial point

    Here is the output when given an initial point that is too far away from the root. It will not converge and produce an error. The second code displays an initial point that is closer and the number...


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