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  1. What are courses?

    The nanoHUB-U InitiativeTranscending disciplines with short courses accessible to students in any branch of science or engineering. Cutting-edge topics distilled into short lectures with quizzes,...


  2. Frequently Asked Questions about Courses on nanoHUB

    What is the difference between free courses and courses I pay for?I paid for an instructor-led course. How do I get in?I am not sure which courses I am enrolled in. How can I check this?Why are...


  3. Can I contribute a tool on nanoHUB that has binary code only?

    Generally, we don’t recommend submitting binary code as a tool on nanoHUB. Code can be sensitive to changes in libraries or other changes in our operating system and compiled binaries do not allow...


  4. What are groups?

    Work together with your colleagues on nanoHUBCreate a group to organize your interactions. Group members can:Post content that only other group members are allowed to see Brand their with their...


  5. Why Can't I Use MATLAB?

    Due to licensing issues, MATLAB is only available on Purdue's campus. This means only computers with Purdue IP addresses can use MATLAB. Purdue staff and students cannot run MATLAB on nanoHUB from...


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  1. Quantum Optical Simulation of Complex Physical Hamiltonians

    23 Oct 2017 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Alexander V. Sergienko

    The rapidly expanding research activity on quantum computing is ultimately an outgrowth of the profound Feynman’s observation that only quantum systems are capable to efficiently simulate...


  2. Expanding Material Property Space Using Bioinspiration and Architecture

    23 Oct 2017 | Online Presentations


  3. The Hunt for Non-Abelian Statistics

    23 Oct 2017 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Yuli Lyanda-Geller

    Search for non-Abelian statistics is driven both by the quest for a deeper understanding of nature and by prospects to eliminate the sensitivity of conventional quantum bits to the environment,...


  4. Understanding Powder Compaction Using Single Particle Measurement

    23 Oct 2017 | Presentation Materials | Contributor(s): Wentao Chen, Ankit Agarwal, Marcial Gonzalez

    Powder compaction is the process of transforming granular media into a solid body with a high relative density (low porosity) and a unique anisotropic microstructure. It is critical to understand...


  5. Magnetic Microsystems: Tiny Magnets Solving Big Problems

    23 Oct 2017 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Donald P. Arnold

    In this talk will highlight my group's development of microfabricated permanent magnets and their application in various functional microsystems.  To set the stage, I'll first...


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  1. Main Page

    What are wiki pages? Wiki pages are user-written articles on a range of subjects. Any contributor or a group of contributors can create (and own) new articles, and there can be multiple articles...


  2. Tips on Choosing a Convenient Bluetooth Headset

    Have you a Bluetooth headset? Or have you changed your cable Gaming headset with the wireless one? Bluetooth headset started to be in great demand by the community lately. In addition to simple,...


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  5. Profession homework assignments - Assignments For professional Searchers

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