How to Start

First steps

Tool registration form

Begin the tool contribution process with these two easy steps:

  1. Get an account
    Sign up for a free nanoHUB user account. As a developer, it is better to create an account with your email address and password, rather than logging in with Google, Facebook, or another service. The password that you create is necessary to access your repository and transfer files via SFTP.
  2. Start the tool creation/contribution process
    Click the link and fill out the tool registration form. You will need to provide the following information:
    • The short name of your tool (for the directory portion of the URL)
    • The full name of your tool
    • A brief description of your tool
    • Access permissions for your tool
    • Source code access permissions for your tool
    • Project area (Wiki) access permissions for your tool
    • The nanoHUB logins for any development team members who are allowed to modify the tool's code

      Other fields are optional, or you can accept the default settings.

  3. Once you've finished, press the "Register Tool" button and you're ready to start building your tool in nanoHUB's web-based development environment.

Set up your nanoHUB development environment