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1 '''Network for Computational Nanotechnology''' ([ NCN]) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) gateway and research network with a mission to enable education and research in nanoscience for nanotechnology applications. NCN currently focuses on nanoelectronics, nanoelectromechanics, nanophotonics, and nanodevices for biology and medicine - as well as other key areas.
3 == Announcements ==
5 __'''Biweekly Student Seminar (Mar 13, 2009)'''__: "Magnetic phase transitions driven by non-equilibrium spins" by Lutfe Siddiqui (Advisor: Prof. Datta)
7 __'''Trip to Argonne National Lab, Chicago'''__: The NCN@Purdue SLC is organizing a tour of [ Argonne National Laboratory] in Spring 2009. The tour is free for NCN students. '''Please let us know of your interest in the trip by visiting this [ link].'''
9 __'''NCN Student Dinner, Spring 2009'''__: More on this soon!
11 __'''NCN Student Research Symposium (NSRS) 2009'''__: This year the annual student research symposium shall be held in conjunction with the annual NCN all hands review in Summer. More on this soon!
13 == Resources ==
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