'''Network for Computational Nanotechnology''' ([http://www.ncn.purdue.edu/home/ NCN]) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) gateway and research network with a mission to enable education and research in nanoscience for nanotechnology applications. NCN currently focuses on nanoelectronics, nanoelectromechanics, nanomaterials, nanophotonics, and nanodevices for biology and medicine - as well as other key areas.

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== Announcements ==

'''Please register''' here to be included in the students@nanohub.org mailing list: http://lists.nanohub.org/mailman/listinfo/students

__'''NCN Student Research Symposium (NSRS) 2009'''__: This year the annual student research symposium shall be held in conjunction with the annual NCN all hands review in Summer. More on this soon!


[topics/NCNPurdueStudents/StudentSeminars '''Student Seminar''']

[topics/NCNPurdueStudents/Trip '''Trip to Argonne, Spring 2009''']

[topics/NCNPurdueStudents/NSRS '''NCN Student Research Symposium 2009''']

[topics/NCNPurdueStudents/Dinner '''NCN Student Banquet Spring 2009''']

== Resources ==

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[topics/NCNPurdueStudents/InfoForNewStudents '''Information for new students''']