New Research Computation Mathematics for Science Engineering & Design Technology:

Does any research scientist or research engineer in the United States or elsewhere in the academic research world of academica relating to computational design nanomathematics in his or her field of research study know what I am talking about or have created-that I am creating a new branch research engineering sciences technical design measurements mathematics called: nanometric optical quantum micromathematical binomial theorem functions formulas and equations anaysis theories and applications physics mathematics to be used in microelectronics circuit and component design measurement engineering sciences and materials research? Is there anybody out there who wants to help me form a technical research group on this website to help me conduct research activiites through my technical microelectronics design measurements science and technology research division institute of technology called: Northumberland Microelectronics Research Innovation Institute of Technology (NMRIIT)? It is part of my research technology company: Preedom North American Telecom-Northern Research Scientific Networks Canada group.

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