nanoHUB: Use of External Resources by External Researchers

by Gerhard Klimeck, Gregory James Perigo


The analysis of our external literature citations revealed some examples where external theory-driven researchers utilized a nanoHUB tool that has been contributed to nanoHUB from outside of the NCN. For example the authors Kureshi and Hasan working at a university in India published their study CNT bundles as possible copper replacement interconnects in the “Journal of Nanomaterials” in April 2009. In their work they utilized the tool “Carbon Nanotubes Interconnect Analyzer (CNIA)” for over 1,600 simulations in the year 2009 alone. CNIA was contributed by Tanachutiwat and Wang of the University of Albany. We cannot see any relationship between the two research groups and NCN other than the contributed, efficiently served, and utilized tool CNIA. The same CNIA tool has previously also been cited in a Master’s thesis at the University of Cincinnati in 27 the year 2005. The concept of community contributions coming from outside the NCN and being useful for an unrelated research group is becoming reality.

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