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Wish List - Wish #103


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Michael McLennan

Extended profiles for users and groups

We should have a way for users to host their web page on They can do this to some extent now with the profile pages. What’s missing is an easy URL for their profile page (maybe they need to register a name for that, rather than using their nanoHUB login name), and an ability to add blog entries and other content. For example, see Gerhard Klimeck’s page on ECN, and imagine how he could build something similar on within his profile area.

For: new content, keep users

Comments (5)

  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    I would love to have my group research page on nanoHUB.

    This should also be impacted by the reputation system.

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  2. Gerhard Klimeck

    A member should be allowed to edit / rank / highlight their own contributions in their preferred way. Datta, Klimeck , Lundstrom etc have > 150 resources that need personalized ordering.

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  3. Gerhard Klimeck

    A member should be allowed to “publish” their favorite list

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  4. Joseph M. Cychosz

    I agree with all of Gerhard’s comments.

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  5. Sebastian Steiger

    Comment #1 is now obsolete – we have a new website Comment #2 has become another wish. Comment #3 – I’m already able to see Gerhard’s favorites by going to his page

    nanoHUB is already a kind of Facebook for nano-geeks :-) I would recommend focusing on the core capabilities (Resources) instead of expanding the social networking part.

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