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Gerhard Klimeck

Establish a Reputation system for nanohub contributors and users

We have a funded on-going efforts to study potential algorithms and implementations of a reputation system.

We need to have the ability to pick the Datta-like content and build it into tool and course pages.

We need to make sure we have an effort to different prototypes

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  1. Alissa Nedossekina

    Attaching a document with some thoughts on the user reputation system, interested in feedback from the team.


    User_Reputation_System_on_nanoHUB_short.pdfFile not found

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  2. Alissa Nedossekina

    Posting Mike’s feedback on the shared document:

    1) Instead of terms like “novice” and “experienced”, we might want to try a different track like: disqualified -> restricted novice -> provisional experienced -> trusted master -> senior expert -> fellow guru -> exemplar

    The idea is to be more like IEEE’s member ranking (being “senior” or “fellow”) than talking about experience level. I’m thinking that someone might be a “master,” get a black mark, and then become “novice.” That doesn’t quite make sense. If you get a black mark, you should drop down to being “provisional” rather than being “novice.”

    2) Things like abuse reports should probably decay over time, perhaps over 1 year. If you got a spam flag, waited six months, and got an abuse report, your score should be 1.5 in badness. If you waited another year, that would gradually decay down to 0, and you’d be free and clear again.

    3) If you wanted to have an extra level based on site activity, we could introduce the category “active.” A person proves themselves to be an “active” member before they become “trusted.” I agree, though, that we could keep this out at first, and I’m not sure that being an active user is a requirement for being the cream of the crop. I think Supriyo Datta should be a “guru” or “exemplar,” and I wouldn’t want him to be disqualified because he doesn’t log in enough.

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