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Gerhard Klimeck

Group Page for Faculty members - limited access to retrieve homework solutions

We can have a group page in which we post homework solutions. Membership can be by request only. This way we might find faculty members and have them identify themselves?

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  1. Joseph M. Cychosz

    We are currently handling this by course. For example Prof. Datta has a group page for 495/659. THe original intent was to post homework solutions and tests for qualified members. THe group is now open to all, but none the less started as a closed group.

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    1. Gerhard Klimeck

      yes, but I think we need a central place where qualified faculty members can join and always find solutions. This is critical for asessment by Diane.

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      1. Joseph M. Cychosz

        Perhaps a better solution might be to have an attribute of membership which identifies the user as qualified faculty and access level for resources that makes the resource private to members with this attribute. The really nice thing about either solution is that we then have a developed list of faculty working with the nanohub.

        Problem with groups is that only one group can be associated with a resource.

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      2. George B. Adams III

        Anything that helps us get information on instructors using nanoHUB in their classroom is very valuable to NCN.

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  2. Gerhard Klimeck

    we really need to provide an incentive for faculty members to identify themselves. These homework assignments might be one way of dealing with this issue.

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    1. Joseph M. Cychosz

      I agree, this combined with nanoHUB infrastructure designed to help instructors facilitate course teaching.

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      1. Greg Lush

        I am guessing most of us who are teaching have access to tools like Blackboard and shared-space servers to do much of what we need to do to teach a course and collect and deliver homework, so I would not vote to divert resources to that kind of utility.

        Maybe offer something where an instructor can “register” when using a full course on the hub or even elements (such as my using selected Alam lectures from EE 606 to supplement my teaching). Registering would then provide certain utilities and space and maybe hws and solutions that are nanohub unique.

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