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Margaret Shepard Morris

tweaks for Courses pages

There are two Courses that have no “View Course Lectures” button: Carrier Transport at the Nanoscale* Reliability of Physics of Nanoscale

*I am not sure if it matters, but the URL for this course is missing “#series” in its URL (, which has not hindered navigation to the course).

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  1. Joseph M. Cychosz

    These courses are (were) place holders for the nanocurriculm. They do not have lectures which is why there is no “view course lecture” button.

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    1. Gerhard Klimeck

      can we get closure on this wish?

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  2. Margaret Shepard Morris

    The two courses I mention are a bit different, but they _do_connect to websites of official courses. Hence they really _do_ point to lectures if only by pointing by links to the courses.

    The one that you mention (“Curriculum for Nanotechnology”) may be a place holder, but when you link to the page, there are links to lectures there as well.

    Maybe these three need a similar looking button that says “View Course Links” rather than “View Course Lectures”?

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