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Gregory James Perigo

Notable quotes should be more searchable

It would be helpful to nanoHUB users if quotes could be sorted by name, occupation and organization.

For example, if one could pull up quotes by organization name (ie., Arizona State University, or Intel; by category (academic institution or industry); or by individual name it would allow users to have a better idea of who uses nanoHUB.

Also, it would be helpful if these could be linked to Google and other search engines.

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    I think that this is a “must do” item for the promotion of nanoHUB. The promotion of nanoHUB is a critical element. If we for example had a simple tag system in the quotes where the educational focus page can pull from a set of quotes that relate to “Education”, then we can really spice up the Education page. If we had a way to highlight impact quotes on research on the research page we could do that.

    In the quotes page itself, we should be able to sort through, or view these various categories. These quotes are personal stories that make the public presentation and impact of nanoHUB really personal.

    We should have a space for the quotes to have an image of the person or an icon of the tool, or concept.

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  2. Michael McLennan

    I think there are very few people that actually want to search these quotes. One way to handle this is to go to the quotes page and use the browser search (Control-F) to search text on the page.

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  3. Joseph M. Cychosz

    Perhaps this can be coordinated with the reputation wish. Also of interest would be quotes sorted by user activity (i.e, have a user activity coefficent). I would actually give each user a percentile position that reflects their usage relative to the population.

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  4. George B. Adams III

    Being able to easily deploy quotes around the site is valuable. Spicing up various pages by automatically incorporating relevant quote based on tags could do this.

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