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Gerhard Klimeck

link to us page needs updated logos

The link to us page has very much outdated logos on it. It needs to be updated asap.

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    I am composing posters for the annual review and we will have some MSD/MIT posters in the review and need to add nanoHUB logos to the bottom. All I could do at this stage was to screen shoot the logo from the nanoHUB home page and 2x and 3x magnify the shot in photoshop.

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  2. Gerhard Klimeck

    here is the 3x zoomed logo

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    1. Gerhard Klimeck

      sorry my bad…. 2x zoomed. I was not able to delete my own comment by the way!

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  3. Joseph M. Cychosz

    Here’s a list of logos needed. Here is my list of needed logo images:

    1. A nanohub logo that looks good as a square. 2. A nanohub logo that looks good 4 units wide by 5 units high 3. A “find-it on” logo that can be placed on webpages who wish to link to specific resources.

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