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Justin Riley

add ability to download files from "Storage Management" browser

Users can browse and look through all their files on nanoHUB via the “Storage Management” page but they have no way to actually download the files (at least that I can tell).

This is *really* needed for tools that generate large output results (> 30MB) that are not suitable for loading in Rappture. Currently the only way for a tool to serve files for download is to copy their contents into a string output element. When the file is large (> 30MB or so) doing this causes Rappture to freeze and become unusable. This wish would allow a tool to instead post a “README” string in the output that contains directions on how to download the (large) files via the “Storage Management” page.

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  1. Michael McLennan

    As a work-around, people can use sftp and/or WebDAV to connect to their nanoHUB account and transfer files that way. But I think it would be a good idea to add a “download” option to the file cleanup manager. A user should be able to check a series of files, total up how much storage they’ll be getting rid of, and perhaps download a zip file of that stuff before deleting it and cleaning up their account.

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