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Lynn Zentner

Replace member number for profile link with a user selected name

Per discussion at today’s web meeting, replace the User ID shown for a users profile link (e.g., http://nanohub.org/members/12345) with a member name similar to profiles on sites such as Linkedin (e.g., http://nanohub.org/members/smith). Users may be more inclined to provide this profile information on resumes, business cards, etc.

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  1. Shawn Rice

    Just making a note:

    Switching over to a username (for example), while not necessarily hard, would be a fair amount of work. We’d have to change references to IDs everywhere in the code (that’s a lot) and ensure there couldn’t be any naming collisions with existing URLs. That is, you wouldn’t want a username of ‘browse’ (/members/browse). Just things to consider.

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    1. Lynn Zentner

      Shawn, you bring up some very good points. Chasing all the references to IDs may be more trouble than it’s worth. It’s been a while since the web meeting where we discussed this – I think it came up as a “would be nice to have if it wasn’t too much trouble” idea. I am thinking this should stay on the back burner for now.

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