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Samiran Ganguly

nanoHUB app for tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android)

Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous today and the preferred way to access websites is through “apps” rather than web interface. Primary reason being apps can be GPU accelerated and data transfer can be smaller using apps (app can do a lot of pulling things not possible on a website) Are there any plans to develop such an app for the iOS and Android platforms? I think the following will be a good feature set for that app: 1. Search for content 2. Playback video lectures 3. Able to download pdfs 4. Launch tools and download results. Maybe the client can display the data locally (all the new smartphones and tablets are GPU accelerated, complex rendering should be possible) 5. Post comments/reviews/tickets/forum messages. Send messages and access groups. 6. News and updates 7. Manage storage for developer workspace (upload, download, delete files and folders)

I don’t think full fledged developer workspace will work because typing things on a tablets is not easy.

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