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AbderRahman N Sobh

Rappture Output Handling for Large Files


This wish has been edited after realizing more information about the issue.

Currently, files above a certain size literally kill the entire Rappture session with a segfault when they are being loaded in a readable format. In other words if an output display entry is too large, then Rappture will crash when it tries to display the results.

Suggestions for solving the problem:

- Currently, we are just zipping the output files and displaying the binary for download. This works.

- A more enterprising solution would require a "page-delimiting" system to be used such that an Output Entry of 15 millions lines would be split into "Output page 1" and "Output page 2" each with 7.5 million lines each- thus circumventing having the full 15 million be displayed all at once.

- Additionally, a rework of Rappture file handling might be done so that the memory usage is more efficient?

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