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Nicholas Brunk

Support for Wolfram Research's Mathematica

I would like to request that Mathematica (the "Wolfram Language") be a supported software on Nanohub, specifically in a way that facilitates generation of deployable Labs & Tools.  A growing amount of scientific work is conducted in Mathematica either exclusively or in tandem with other languages or utilities.  If not exclusively used for a project, it is often exclusively used for visualization and analysis of project results (say, visualizing particle trajectories and thermodynamic profiles of Molecular Dynamics simulations produced in C++ or LAMMPS).  A major focus of Nanohub is simulation usability and education, such that support for a "Front End" environment such as Mathematica would prove useful.  "The Wolfram Language" is rapidly becoming a broad enough language to supplement the use of many separate third party applications or softwares. 

A large body of scientific work and educational outreach material is being written in Mathematica.  This is evidenced by the growing number of web-based, deployable scientific and mathematical Demonstrations available online.  The ability to host such utilities is not limited to the Wolfram website; in their own words at this link, they wish to facilitate capacity to "add Mathematica-powered applications to your website [through your web server]."  While a licensing may not be free, the site license fee may well pale in comparison to the amount of time researchers must spend to re-do grant-funded content for Nanohub in language(s) / software(s) Nanohub supports.  Stephen Wolfram is generally eager to promote his software, and with Nanohub rapidly gaining momentum, I am sure they would be eager to negotiate a feasible deal.

Other users have requested Mathematica be supported previously, illustrating growing Nanohub community interest in the product.

Thank you!

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