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Michael McLennan

Improve visibility in Google

Half of our traffic comes from people who find via Google searches. (People also find us from and other search engines, but in much smaller numbers.) We should focus on Google and see what we can do to improve our page rank. We should also look for pages with poor abstracts and missing tags, and fix them up so Google can understand their content.

For: attract users

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    50% of our traffic comes from google. Can we improve it?

    look for Nanoelectronic Simulation It pulls up as a 2nd hit a specific tool – not a top level topics page!

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  2. Cristina Leal Gonzalez

    With increased visibility though Google searches, more novice users will come to the site. This poses a particular challenge for users in that there is little introductory or explanatory material available (visible) from the homepage. If increased visibility through Google searches is achieved, the homepage will need to quickly point both expert and novice users to the materials that best suit their interests.

    Perhaps my comment should be its own wish list item, but I think that this is an issue that needs to be addressed as the site becomes more visible to people wanting to learn about nanotechnology.

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  3. Margaret Shepard Morris

    Are there ways to insert consistent, descriptive names in the page titles? Are there links that can be added to our pages and also on our faculty/users’ pages that link to us? These add ranking…

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  4. Joseph M. Cychosz

    We need a metric that shows time spent (or nanohub pages) visited after entry from Google as a percentile. We need to know that what they are coming in for from google is what they want to work with.

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  5. Joseph M. Cychosz

    Ranking report prior to SEO campaign

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  6. Joseph M. Cychosz

    Ranking Report with all 8 search strings

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  7. Michael McLennan

    Another idea is to offer a “link to us” page, where people copy HTML right off the page and into their own site. This would be static HTML generated by our site from favorites list, contributions, etc. We could then direct faculty to this page and have them copy/paste.

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  8. Joseph M. Cychosz

    I have some positive results on the campaign to share with you. Your overall visibility is 11%, which has improved over the last few weeks. It looks like Bing, Excite and Yahoo are showing the best results (full SEO report attached).

    I anticipate Google to be next (Google can take longer to change results) and we will be adding a few more backlinks over the next few weeks to ensure higher Google rankings.

    Bing #2 for “artificial atom simulation” #2 for “quantum dot properties” #1 for “quantum dot visualization” #2 for “quantum dot wavefunctions” #46 for “quantum dot”

    Google #24 for “quantum dot visualization” #30 for “quantum dot wavefunctions”

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  9. Joseph M. Cychosz

    Joe, Just another quick update on your SEO campaign. We have been busy creating more backlinks pointing to It looks like you are now #11 on Google (#1 on the second page) for both “quantum dot” and “quantum dots”.

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  10. Michael McLennan

    If we continue to do the placement thing, it won’t scale. Instead, maybe we can get more links to out in the wild. One way would be to create a bit of HTML that faculty could put on their home page to show who’s using their stuff on Maybe a map and some usage stats pointing back to and their content.

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  11. George B. Adams III

    Making it easy for everyone affiliated with to point to it from their own web pages is a * scalable, * community-building, and * story-creating way to improve our Google visibility and engage with our community at the same time: win-win.

    Scalable because all our NCN site folks can be asked to add the link(s) to their web pages, and many of our contributing authors will find it in their interest to add the link(s) if it is easy enough.

    Community-building because it is another engagement with the people involved with

    Story-creating if we can count the links to us. In that case the number of links and their distribution can be yet another meaningful metric (YAMM) to demonstrate impact. Could we write the link code snippets so that we can find them, and thus count them and know where they point? I’m thinking in the way we can find open source hubs.

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  12. Joseph M. Cychosz

    We are concluding this experiment. We have placed the quantum dots in the top 20 for google.

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