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Wish List - Tool "bandstrlab": Wish #478


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Michael Povolotskyi

more materials

We have more materials in the NEMO5 database. Can they be added they be added to the tool? Some of them do not have strain model yet, but still it will be usefull.

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  1. Samik Mukherjee

    Hi Michael, Thanks for your suggestion. I dont this it is a good idea to have every material in the database to be added to bandstrcuture lab. That would require several months to test and benchmark if it works in all different cases. If you want to add a particular new material that is of interest to you for e.g. GaN that might be feasible. Please do not add materials which do not have strain. Bandstructure lab requires strain calculations to be performed. Since the GUI is is in xml implementing a mechanism to limit strain calculations will reduce the maintainability of the application and might increase the time required to the rappture xml to load or react to change of selection events. Regards, Samik

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  2. Michael Povolotskyi

    Actually I do not agree. We are building a research tool, rather than a student text book. So, if there are materials without strain model developed yet – so the tool should reflect that.

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  3. Samik Mukherjee

    Do you have a specific material in mind ? I cannot add all materials.

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    1. Michael Povolotskyi

      No one says it must be always you in person. We need to create a road map depending on our customer preferences.

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  4. Samik Mukherjee

    Ok thank you. Please estimate at least 1 week per material. Every material has to undergo testing. Some may take less time even , but some more.

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  5. Samik Mukherjee

    SiGe and AlGaAs has been added

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