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ronak abband

problem with nanowire bandstructure

i wanna simulate the silicon nanowire transistor bandstructure.its bandstructure should be symmetry and its domain must be from -3.14 to 3.14 . but when the bandstructure tools simulates,it give me the bulk silicon bandstructure.i men its not symmetry and its domain is from 0 to 5.78.and its wrong!!!

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  1. Saumitra Raj Mehrotra

    Hello Ronak,

    Thanks for using bandstructure lab.
    The results being generated using the bandstructure lab are correct.
    1. Because of symmetry, only 0-pi/a0 is simulated (as you also mentioned).
    2. If you look closely at the k-axis , the units are in (nm^-1). Hence the end of the BZ for Si nanowire will be pi/a0(in nm) = 3.14/0.5431 = 5.78. This is same as what is being displayed in the tool.
I believe this should help you in using the bandstructure lab tool.

thanks Saumitra

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  • ronak abband

    thank you so much saumitra.your comment solves my problem.

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