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Geoffrey Coram

setuppaths_MDE.m should use basedir when printing installation location

setuppaths_MDE.m has these lines: fprintf(2,‘This is the Berkeley Model Development Environment (MDE)n’); fprintf(2,’- version MDE-pre-alpha—v0.01,n installed under:n’); fprintf(2,’ /home/tianshi/Unison/research/ModSpec-project/MAPP/MAPP-SVN/MAPP/MDE/MDE-pre-alpha—v0.01.nn’);

but that last line should be changed to this:

fprintf(2,’  %s.nn’,basedir);

In particular, on the installation on nanoHUB, basedir is /apps/mde/r7/matlab, but it still says the software is installed under /home/tianshi.

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  1. Geoffrey Coram

    Also, it seems that it should only be necessary to set basedir in startup_MDE.m, which should pass the basedir to setuppaths_MDE.m

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