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Tanya Faltens

Provide us the equations and models employed in this simulation

This tool would be a much more useful instructional device for my class if you provided the following: – Equations, values and units used in the calculations, and perhaps a very brief indication of what type of numerical method is used if applicable.

I spent some time recently and was able to accurately duplicate some of the calculations done by this tool, but not all. I’d really like to be able to understand why there are differences. I emphasize to my students that it is important to know what model is being used, where models are applicable and where they break down, and I can’t do that for a black-box tool.

I have looked through the FTUG, and the information is not provided there, either (only f(E) and MB distribution.) – Values for the dopant energies should be given somewhere in the tool. (I found out the values used by posting a question a while ago, but even I can’t always find that information quickly now that it is over a year later.)

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