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Tanya Faltens

Distinguish different regions of the simulation (for electrons and for holes) by color

It would be nice to distinguish between electron and hole densities with energy, and g(E) for electrons vs holes, and between f(E) and 1-f(E).

For example, you might break g(E) into three regions, g(E) for electrons in the conduction band, in the band gap, and the density of states for _holes_ in the valence band. Each region follows a different equation, and could be graphed with a different color to help students visualize the difference.

At the moment, no value at all is given for the density of states in the band gap. When mousing over g(E) in this range there is no value. The value for g(E)in the band gap could be set to zero.

Also, n(E) and p(E) for electrons and holes are drawn on the same graph, but if someone is a novice, it may not be clear what is being depicted. Having different colors for functions for electrons and functions for holes would be helpful.

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  1. Saumitra Raj Mehrotra

    Hello Prof. Faltens,

    A coloring scheme has been added for electrons and holes (for DOS(E) and Carrier Density plots). It should be available in the new version of the tool (in 1-2 days).


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