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Wish List - Tool fermi: Wish #401

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Tanya Faltens

Quick and easy access to support materials from the tool page

It would be really nice to have a quick way to click back and forth between the “home” page for a tool, which has all of the supporting mateirals, and the page where the tool runs.

If I just click through the options presented to me, once I launch the tool, there is no easy way to go back to the instructions and FTUG. I can follow the “breadcrumbs” back, but then I don’t see my simulation any more. I usually end up closing the simulation window.

This may be a browser-specific problem (I use IE) but it would be nice to get a new tab or floating window for the simulation, OR a button within the page that has the simulation that will open up a window with the supporting docs. There is a border around the simulation window and it looks as though there should be room for a button.

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