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Adelmo Ortiz Conde

Will it be possible to separate the variable “Source/Drain Doping Concentration” into two different variables?

Dear Sir,
We wish to congratulate you for the excellent job that you are doing with abacus in nanohub.
In fact, we have used very often your site in our recent research [1-5] and now we are interested in simulating an asymmetrical MOSFET, which is very important for power devices. We would like to have different source and drain parasitic resistances in order to test a new parameter extraction technique.
The simulations with “abacus --Transistor MOSFET classical simulation with drift diffusion” are fine for our purposes but we would like to have the asymmetry by being able to change separately the values of the Source and Drain Doping Concentration.
Will it be possible to separate the variable “Source/Drain Doping Concentration” into two different variables?
Thanks and best regards,
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[4] A. Ortiz-Conde,  F.J. García Sánchez, J. Muci, A. Terán Barrios, J.J. Liou, and C.-S. Ho, "Revisiting MOSFET threshold voltage extraction methods", Invitado en Microelectronics Reliability, vol. 53, pp. 90-104, Jan. 2013.
[5] A. Ortiz-Conde and F. J. García Sánchez, "A Rigorous Classical Solution for the Drain Current of Doped Symmetric Dual-Gate MOSFETs", IEEE Trans. Electron Device, Vol. 59, pp. 2390-2395, Sept. 2012.

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