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  1. Dr. M.L.Saraf: A surgeon with true spirit of serving humanity!

    21 Nov 2016 | Posted by Dr M.L Saraf

    Contrary to the increasing problems in the bones, life has become easier now. Especially with Dr. M.L.Saraf, patients with orthopaedic issues have got much relief, even to their most...


  2. [Illinois] MechSE Bio Interest Group Seminar Series: Spatially-Patterned Collagen Scaffolds for Orthopedic Tissue Engineering and Regulating Stem Cell Fate

    26 Nov 2012 | | Contributor(s):: Steven Caliari

    "Regeneration of multi-tissue structures like the tendon-bone junction (TBJ) requires dynamic new biomaterial technologies. The TBJ contains gradations of protein and mineral content that serve to minimize stresses at the interface between the stiff bone and softer tendon to prevent failure....