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Jennifer Crowell

tags for Notable Quotes and newsletter articles - combine with #214 &275

Original request #421: The ability to tag Notable Quotes and newsletter articles.

Addendum (12/11/12): At the “Add Your Success Story” please add these fields: 1. country (Where the submitter is now located, or using nanoHUB from. Please do not ask this as a citizenship question. We are interested in information about the geographically dispersed usage.) 2. individual title or role (We often see undergraduate student, graduate student, PhD student, professor, instructor, or other job title as contributed by the submitter.) 3. tool or resource that is the subject of this submission (We need a separate field to capture this because they do not include the information in their description.) 4. check box style question about what they use nanoHUB for: tools for their own research use, resources for tool development, their own education, resources for teaching others, connecting with other nanoHUB users/collaboration (Please let me know when you are developing this so we can refine the language of the question.) 5. image or icon next to each quote (We should enable a small thumbnail of the submitter’s profile photo, and, in the absence of their photo, allow me to manually enter an appropriate science or resource-related image.)

For the “Add Your Success Story” page, I need a short URL. I need a URL that I can disseminate widely as part of an advertising campaign soliciting these success stories. I will appear in newsletters, in email message footers, on web page banner graphics, at the bottom of digital and print posters.

The content collected through the “Add Your Success Story” mechanism needs to be tagged according to the type of information being input in the fields I have described above. It would be helpful of some of this tagging were automated, but absent that, I will manually tag. The Notable Quotes content needs to be taggable by: country, role/job title, whether the organization is a school or company or government lab, the tool or resource number, and the reason or benefit of using nanoHUB.

The content collected through the “Add Your Success Story” mechanism and tagged needs to be pulled onto web pages where appropriate, such as: the profile of the contributor of the tool or resource the success story speaks about, the tool or resource page that the success story speaks about, the category of use (whether research, education, collaboration, or publication), to name a few. When work begins on this wish least, please let me know so I can collaborate on this matter from a marketing perspective.

Please note that most of the nanoHUB team could find a quote they are looking for by using the browser search to find text on the Notable Quotes page directed to a certain topic. The ability to sort the entirety of quotes is probably only useful to me. So being able to sort the Notable Quotes page is less important than the other needs described in this wish and in wishes 214 and 275. However, if the ability to sort the quotes would be available with no extra work, through the ability to tag quotes for pulling them onto other pages, then let us allow the ability to sort to be available.

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