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About the nanoHUB-U Initiative


To bring the new insights and approaches being developed in nanoscience into the traditional fields of engineering and applied science, and to do this in a way that is broadly accessible to students without a long string of prerequisites.


These are not survey courses, but serious treatments of fundamentals taught at an advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate-student level.


Courses will be taught online at nanoHUB.org. The material for each course is distilled into concise modules that can be approached in two different ways:

  • Some students may choose to watch the lectures, perhaps take some feedback quizzes, and simply enjoy the learning experience.
  • Others may wish to experience a Purdue University level course and earn a digitally signed proof of completion and digital badge from nanoHUB-U. To qualify, a student must earn a 70% or better overall average.

Each course will cover the same topics as the corresponding on-campus course. For a nominal fee, students will view lectures, take quizzes, submit homework, and take exams.

During the five-week version of the course, students will view prerecorded video lectures and take quizzes at their own convenience, but homework assignments, exams, and discussion forums will be done on a fixed schedule. The self-paced offering of the course allows students to complete all course materials at their convenience within one year of registration. In the self-paced mode, discussion forums are not monitored by the faculty; however, students can interact with each other to review material and answer questions.


nanoHUB-U instructors are known for bringing the new insights and understanding being developed in their research into the classroom. Topics and instructors are being selected from the most popular content on nanoHUB.org.


This is a limited-time initiative to create a new curriculum that reshapes education for engineers and applied scientists working on materials, devices, and systems. Over the next two years, at least two innovative courses will be offered each fall and spring semester. Different formats and technologies will be explored, along with possibilities for offering university credit. The goal is a new curriculum that reshapes the on-campus experience and is available to off-campus students, as well.


The nanoHUB-U initiative is directed by:

Professor Mark Lundstrom
Don & Carol Scifres Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Purdue University
Discovery Learning Center
207 S. Martin Jischke Dr., Suite 441
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Email: lundstro@purdue.edu


For questions about nanoHUB-U, contact the support team at nanohub-u@nanohub.org.

Comments and suggestions are encouraged.

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