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  • vtkvis/branches/1.7/protocol.txt

    r4040 r4777  
    242242       range or cumulative range will be used.
     244legend2 <colormapName> <width> <height>
     245        Simple legend command for rendering legend without labels or title
    244247renderer clipplane <axis> <ratio> <direction>
    245248         Set a user clipping plane, ratio is [0,1] and is always interpreted as
    291294arrow delete <?name?>
    292295arrow edges <bool> <?name?>
    293 arrow flipnorm <bool> <?name?>
     296arrow flipnorms <bool> <?name?>
    294297arrow lighting <bool> <?name?>
    295298arrow linecolor <r> <g> <b> <?name?>
    312315box delete <?name?>
    313316box edges <bool> <?name?>
    314 box flipnorm <bool> <?name?>
     317box flipnorms <bool> <?name?>
    315318box lighting <bool> <?name?>
    316319box linecolor <r> <g> <b> <?name?>
    333336cone delete <?name?>
    334337cone edges <bool> <?name?>
    335 cone flipnorm <bool> <?name?>
     338cone flipnorms <bool> <?name?>
    336339cone lighting <bool> <?name?>
    337340cone linecolor <r> <g> <b> <?name?>
    406409cutplane axis <axis> <bool> <?dataSetName?>
    407410         Toggle visibility of the 3 principal axis cutplanes
     411cutplane cloudstyle <style> <?datasetName?>
     412         <style> = mesh | splat
    408413cutplane color r g b <?datasetName?>
    409414         Set color of outline bounding box
    410 cutplane cloudstyle <style> <?datasetName?>
    411          <style> = mesh | splat
    412415cutplane colormap <colorMapName> <?dataSetName?>
    413416cutplane colormode <scalar|vmag|vx|vy|vz> <fieldName> <?datasetName?>
    444447cylinder delete <?name?>
    445448cylinder edges <bool> <?name?>
    446 cylinder flipnorm <bool> <?name?>
     449cylinder flipnorms <bool> <?name?>
    447450cylinder lighting <bool> <?name?>
    448451cylinder linecolor <r> <g> <b> <?name?>
    465468disk delete <?name?>
    466469disk edges <bool> <?name?>
    467 disk flipnorm <bool> <?name?>
     470disk flipnorms <bool> <?name?>
    468471disk lighting <bool> <?name?>
    469472disk linecolor <r> <g> <b> <?name?>
    550553heightmap colormap <colorMapName> <?dataSetName?>
    551554heightmap colormode <scalar|vmag|vx|vy|vz|constant> <fieldName> <?datasetName?>
     555          Set the field used to color the object.  'constant' means to use
     556          the constant color defined by the color subcommand.  'scalar' uses
     557          the active scalar field.  'vmag' uses the magnitude of the current
     558          vector field, and 'vx','vy','vz' use the corresponding component of
     559          the active vector field.
     560heightmap colormode2 <scalar|vmag|vx|vy|vz|constant> <fieldName> <point_data|cell_data|field_data|any> <min> <max> <?datasetName?>
    552561          Set the field used to color the object.  'constant' means to use
    553562          the constant color defined by the color subcommand.  'scalar' uses
    706715parallelepiped delete <?name?>
    707716parallelepiped edges <bool> <?name?>
    708 parallelepiped flipnorm <bool> <?name?>
     717parallelepiped flipnorms <bool> <?name?>
    709718parallelepiped lighting <bool> <?name?>
    710719parallelepiped linecolor <r> <g> <b> <?name?>
    723732polydata add <?datasetName?>
    724 polydata color <r> <g> <b> <?datasetName?>
    725733polydata cloudstyle <style> <?datasetName?>
    726734         <style> = mesh | points
     735polydata color <r> <g> <b> <?datasetName?>
    727736polydata colormap <colormapName> <?datasetName?>
    728737polydata colormode <scalar|vmag|vx|vy|vz|constant> <fieldName> <?datasetName?>
    760769polygon delete <?name?>
    761770polygon edges <bool> <?name?>
    762 polygon flipnorm <bool> <?name?>
     771polygon flipnorms <bool> <?name?>
    763772polygon lighting <bool> <?name?>
    764773polygon linecolor <r> <g> <b> <?name?>
    777786pseudocolor add <?datasetName?>
    778 pseudocolor color <r> <g> <b> <?datasetName?>
    779787pseudocolor cloudstyle <style> <?datasetName?>
    780788            <style> = mesh | points | splat
     789pseudocolor color <r> <g> <b> <?datasetName?>
    781790pseudocolor colormap <colormapName> <?datasetName?>
    782791pseudocolor colormode <scalar|vmag|vx|vy|vz|constant> <fieldName> <?datasetName?>
    809818sphere delete <?name?>
    810819sphere edges <bool> <?name?>
    811 sphere flipnorm <bool> <?name?>
     820sphere flipnorms <bool> <?name?>
    812821sphere lighting <bool> <?name?>
    813822sphere linecolor <r> <g> <b> <?name?>
    893902text3d add <textString> <name>
     903text3d bold <bool> <?name?>
    894904text3d color <r> <g> <b> <?name?>
    895905text3d delete <?name?>
    896906text3d fntfamily <fontName> <?name?>
    897907text3d fntsize <fontSize> <?name?>
     908text3d follow <bool> <?name?>
     909       Toggle text automatically aligning toward camera
     910text3d italic <bool> <?name?>
    898911text3d opacity <opacity> <?name?>
    899912text3d orient <qw> <qx> <qy> <qz> <?name?>
    901914text3d pos <x> <y> <z> <?name?>
    902915text3d scale <sx> <sy> <sz> <?name?>
     916text3d shadow <bool> <?name?>
     917text3d text <text> <?name?>
    903918text3d visible <bool> <?name?>
    909924volume delete <?datasetName?>
    910925volume lighting <bool> <?datasetName?>
     926volume opacity <opacity> <?datasetName?>
    911927volume orient <qw> <qx> <qy> <qz> <?dataSetName?>
    912928volume pos <x> <y> <z> <?dataSetName?>
    921937warp add <?dataSetName?>
    922 warp color <r> <g> <b> <?datasetName?>
    923938warp cloudstyle <style> <?datasetName?>
    924939     <style> = mesh | points
     940warp color <r> <g> <b> <?datasetName?>
    925941warp colormap <colormapName> <?datasetName?>
    926942warp colormode <scalar|vmag|vx|vy|vz|constant> <fieldName> <?datasetName?>
    937953warp opacity <value> <?dataSetName?>
    938954warp orient <qw> <qx> <qy> <qz> <?dataSetName?>
    939 warp ptsize <size> <?dataSetName?>
    940955warp pos <x> <y> <z> <?dataSetName?>
    941956warp preinterp <bool> <?dataSetName?>
    944959     is done on texture coordinates that lookup into a 1D texture instead
    945960     of using color interpolation from triangle vertices.
     961warp ptsize <size> <?dataSetName?>
    946962warp scale <sx> <sy> <sz> <?dataSetName?>
    947963warp visible <bool> <?dataSetName?>
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