How do I use submit with Rappture?

submit can be called from a Rappture wrapper script for remote batch job submission.

Use from a Tcl wrapper

This code segment is used to catch the Abort button interrupt. Setting execctl to 1 will terminate the process and any child processes.

package require Rappture
Rappture::signal SIGHUP sHUP {
   puts "Caught SIGHUP"
   set execctl 1
Rappture::signal SIGTERM sTERM {
   puts "Caught SIGTERM"
   set execctl 1

This code segment builds an executable script that can executed using Rappture::exec. The trap statement will catch the interrupt thrown when the wrapper script execution is Aborted. Putting the submit command in the background allows for the possibility of issuing multiple submit commands from the script. The wait statement forces the shell script to wait for all submit commands to terminate before terminating.

   set    submitScript "#!/bin/sh\n\n"
   append submitScript "trap cleanup HUP INT QUIT ABRT TERM\n\n"
   append submitScript "cleanup()\n"
   append submitScript "{\n"
   append submitScript "   kill -TERM `jobs -p`\n"
   append submitScript "   exit 1\n"
   append submitScript "}\n\n"

   append submitScript "cd [pwd]\n"
   append submitScript "submit -v violin -n $nodes -w $walltime\\\n"
   append submitScript "       COMMAND ARGUMENTS &\n"
   append submitScript "sleep 5\n"
   append submitScript "wait\n"

   set submitScriptPath [file join [pwd]]
   set fid [open $submitScriptPath w]
   puts $fid $submitScript
   close $fid
   file attributes $submitScriptPath -permissions 00755

Next use the standard method for execution. This will stream the output from all submit commands contained in to the GUI display. The same output will be retained in the variable out.

set status [catch {Rappture::exec $submitScriptPath} out]

Each submit command creates a files to hold COMMAND standard output and standard error. The file names are of the form JOBID.stdout and JOBID.stderr, where JOBID is an 8 digit number. These results can be gathered as follows.

   set out2 ""
   foreach errfile [glob -nocomplain *.stderr] {
      if [file size $errfile] {
         if {[catch {open $errfile r} fid] == 0} {
            set info [read $fid]
            close $fid
            append out2 $info
      file delete -force $errfile
   foreach outfile [glob -nocomplain *.stdout] {
      if [file size $outfile] {
         if {[catch {open $outfile r} fid] == 0} {
            set info [read $fid]
            close $fid
            append out2 $info
      file delete -force $outfile

The script file should be removed.

file delete -force $submitScriptPath

The output is presented as the job output log.

$driver put output.log $out2

All other result processing can proceed as normal.

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