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Randy Miller

How do I fix subversion “403 forbidden” error?

Has anyone run into a “403 forbidden” error when trying to checkout project code? I’m creating a new site that use HUBzero but I can’t seem to get past this part of tool development. I can checkout the project fine if I SSH into the server; however, users are not able to checkout the project code. The HUBzero tool forge says to issue the following command:

% svn checkout https://(my hub server)/tools/sometool/svn/trunk sometool,

but the real command should be

% svn checkout https://(my hub server)/tools/sometool/trunk sometool.

The message I get back is

svn: Server sent unexpected return value (403 Forbidden) in response to OPTIONS request for ‘https://(my hub server)/tools/sometool/trunk’.

I’ve searched Google and although many people get this issue, none of their solutions have worked for me. Please help!

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