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dipen p patel

does this tool calculates the electrostatic capacitance of the bundle containing only SWCNT, if it is then how can we feed parameter in this tool?

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    Sansiri Tanachutiwat

    To simulate a pure SWCNT, you would need to enter the ‘average diameter’ as a typical SWCNT diameter (i.e. 1nm) and the ‘standard derivation of diameter’ to be 0 (zero).

    The electrostatic capacitance and quantum capacitance are included in the bundle capacitance result. The electrostatic capacitance is calculated using standard on-chip interconnect formulas considering the capacitance over ground plane and coupling capacitances from the adjacent bundles. However, the coupling capacitances between CNTs withing the bundle are ignored as we assumed that all CNTs having the same voltage.

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