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Dalia Selim Louis

Coupled Mode Space

Dear Sir,

The results obtained using the 2 transport models supported in the tool gives exactly the same results for different nanowire diameters and i noticed that when choosing the coupled mode space transport model, i found that the transport model is Uncoupled in the log file …..any explanation for this please

Thanks in advance

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    Hong-Hyun Park

    If the material you choose is a direct bandgap semiconductor like GaAs, then the effective masses and the results keep the same regardless of crystal orientations. Also, for Si all equivalent crystal directions such as 100, 010, 001 will give the same results. Please note that the simulation is based on the effective mass approximation. The only thing affected by the crystal orientation is the effective masses (m*_x, m*_y, and m*_z).

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    SungGeun Kim

    Coupled mode and uncoupled mode space approach can give the same results in ballistic simulations. Please refer to J. Wang’s paper:

    They can be different when you include scattering which I think you cannot do in the tool now. Please see the reference:

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