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Parallel MATLAB Tutorial Offered by Cornell and Purdue

Category: conference/workshop
Description: Cornell University in partnership with Purdue University received a National Science Foundation award to deploy a new experimental computing resource called "MATLAB on the TeraGrid." This cluster provides a parallel MATLAB resource which is available from a MATLAB client running on a user's workstation, allowing their application to grow from a local machine to the remote cluster. The same paradigm allows Science Gateways using the cluster as a backend to integrate MATLAB code into their job submission framework. This tutorial will include instruction on how to use the MATLAB on the TeraGrid cluster both as an extension of MATLAB on the desktop and as a simulation tool for Science Gateways. Participants will learn how to seamlessly shift work to a remote cluster operating at the Cornell Center for Advanced computing as well as how nanoHUB uses this cluster resource to enable hundred of users to run parallel MATLAB code. Tutorial instructors are Susan Mehringer and Steve Lantz of Cornell University and Steven Clark of Purdue University.
When: Wednesday 15 September, 2010, 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm GMT
Where: SC10, New Orleans, LA
  1. high performance computing
  2. Matlab
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