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    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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    University / College Undergraduate

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    Jeffrey B. Neaton leads the Theory group at the Molecular Foundry in LBNL. Jeff received his Ph.D. in Physics from Cornell University in 2000, under the guidance of Neil W. Ashcroft. After a departmental postdoc in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Rutgers University, he joined the Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2003. His current research interests center on computational nanoscience, in particular the development and application of methods for calculating the structural, spectroscopic, and transport properties of inorganic and molecular nanostructures, particularly at interfaces and contacts. Present areas of interest include the electronic properties of the metal-organic interface, hybrid silicon-organic interfaces, and single-molecule junctions; self-assembly; nanoparticle assemblies; photovoltaics; hydrogen storage; ultrathin epitaxial films of transition metal oxides, such as ferroelectrics and multiferroics; and structural and electronic phases of light elements under pressure.

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