Nanoelectronic Modeling Lecture 07: Introduction to Bandstructure Engineering I

By Gerhard Klimeck

Purdue University

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This presentation serves as a reminder about basic quantum mechanical principles without any real math.

The presentation reviews critical properties of classical systems that can be described as particles, propagating waves, standing waves, and chromatography.

Strange Experimental Results led to the Advent of Quantum Mechanics. Discrete Optical Spectra and the Photoelectric Effect led to the need of a different thinking about physics. It led to quantum mechanics and the Particle-Wave Duality.

Modern material growth techniques allow mankind to create new physical structures that do not occur naturally and confine electrons to small spatial domains. Heterostructures like Quantum Dots, Resonant Tunneling Diode, and their applications are being discussed.

The Nanoelectronic Modeling simulation tool kit (NEMO) is geared towards the modeling and simulation of such artificial quantum mechanical systems and their design for realistic applications. Resonant Tunneling Diode Simulations, Multi-million Atom Simulations, and Artificial Atoms and Artificial Molecules, are being overviewed.

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