Illinois Tools: Bio Photonics Simulator

By Zuhaib Bashir Sheikh1, Nahil Sobh1

1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Simulate passage of light through biological tissue using FDTD

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Version 1.1b - published on 30 Mar 2016

doi:10.4231/D3445HD45 cite this

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This tool simulates the passage of light through biological tissue. The injected pulse of light obtained at the screen is analyzed to observe spectral redistribution induced due the spatial co-relation of the tissue sample.

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Prof. Gabriel Popescu, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois


R. Zhu, S. Sridharan, K. Tangella, A. Balla and G.Popescu, Correlation induced spectral changes in tissues, Opt. Lett., 36 (21), 2011.

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