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  1. Corrosion Mechanisms in Magnetic Recording Media

    29 Jul 2013 | Contributor(s):: Brian Demczyk

    This presentation describes the corrosion process in longitudinal and perpendicular recording media, based upon electron and scanning probe microscopic analysis.

  2. Sohaib Zafar

    I am a Material’s Engineering Graduate with research emphasis on Biomaterials for Scaffolds. I am interested in hierarchical structures attained by composite materials, biomaterials to support...


  3. Christopher J O'Brien


  4. Whether any tool developed for simulation of corrosion phenomenon at nanoscale?

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    whether any tool is developed or already available for study of corrosion phenomenon under different environment? such as solution, temperature, pressure,different materials, coatings,...


  5. Xianming Shi

    Dr. Xianming Shi, P.E. is the founding director of the Corrosion and Sustainable Infrastructure Laboratory (CSIL) at Montana State University. The CSIL has extensive research experience in the...