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  1. Can I simulate thermal conductivity of graphene ribbon with this tool?

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  2. Can nanoMATERIALSsimulation toolkit on nanohub simulate piezoelectric materials like ZnO?

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    Also are all the analysis in time domain? Can it do frequency domain analysis?


  3. Cap interaction between 2 nanotubes facing each other

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    Is it possible to use nanomaterials simulation tool kit to compute the potential energy minima between the two capped nanotube facing each other?


  4. Change the Structure

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    Is it possible change the structure (Ni) FCC to HCP?


  5. how long will it take to enable the calculation of thermal conductivity?

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    I want to know when will i be able find the thermal conductivity from this tool? I want to use this tool for completing my project.So if it enables quickly it will be a great help for...


  6. others metals

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    if i want to use this tool for others metals or structures ;like


  7. RE: Structure

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    I am not getting any structure of the cell. Do I need to change any settings.


  8. thermal conductivity

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    Why in the nano-Materials Simulation Toolkit a can’t have the thermal conductivity and the Temperature profile for AL,Ni;Pt and http://nanohub.org/answers/question/696

  9. What about using Gupta potential, is it beater for metallic clusters???

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    What about using Gupta potential, is it beater for metallic clusters??? Best regards