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Alissa Nedossekina

Resource page/contribtool - Handling of author credits

This wish stems from http://nanohub.org/wishlist/general/1/wish/109

Requirements as per Gerhard:

Some tool authors are very concerned about the assignments of credits to their work. I think in the contribtool process should offer a set of standard choices that can be checked off for each author These standard choices could be from the following set: 1) developed (parts) of the core simulation engine 2) developed (parts) of the graphical interface 3) defined simulation tool and user requirements 4) managed the tool integration 5) Other – free form text

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    yes, let me just state that some tools authors are really worried about the credit, especially if some junior grad studentsor even undergrads build GUIs and become first author by some reason.

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  2. George B. Adams III

    We must get authorship right in the eyes of the co-authors for nanoHUB to be an attractive place to publish.

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