Research Activities Within Prof. Vasileska’s Group COMPUTEL

1. Green’s functions Approach for low-field transport in Inversion layers

2. High-Field Ballistic Green’s Function Approach Using the CBR Method

Invited Review Paper

3. Random Dopant and Unintentional Dopant Fluctuations Modeling Using Particle-Based Device Simulations

Invited Review Paper

4. Random Telegraph Noise Modeling With Particle-Based Device Simulations

5. Full-Band Modeling of p-Channel SiGe MOSFET Devices


6. Modeling Self-Heating Effects in Nanoscale Transistors

Invited Review Paper

7. Modeling of GaN HEMTS With Particle-Based Device Simulations

8. Phonon Particle-Based Device Simulator

in progress

9. Modeling of HgCdTe Photodetectors