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MatLab Scripts:

Fermi-Dirac Integrals (nanoHUB) 

Publication Quality Plot Example

Extract Data from Graph

Recursive Algorithm for NEGF in MatLab

To learn more about nanotechnology:

Nanotechnology 501 Lecture Series(nanoHUB) 

nanoHUB Online Presentations (nanoHUB) 

Cirriculum on Nanotechnology (nanoHUB) 

To learn more about computing:

MATLAB Do’s and Don’t‘s (nanoHUB) 

Software Carpentry: Essential Software Skills for Research Scientists (nanoHUB) 

Scientific Computing with Python (nanoHUB short course)

For help with technical writing questions:

Purdue University Online Writing Lab

Students at Purdue:

If you are a new student joining the Lundstrom research group, here are a few things you may find useful:

Traveling to conferences, making long distance phone calls, purchase orders, paperwork, etc.

Creating a nanoHUB account, and gain access as an NCN student

Publication quality plot template

Data Archiving

ECN resources

NCN Printers

Lundstrom nanoHUB.org group wiki:

Further information can be found on our group page on nanoHUB.org 

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