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Current Students:

Student Degree Research Area
Witkowske, Evan Ph.D. logic devices
Conrad, Kyle Ph.D. thermoelectric devices
Gao, Yunfei Ph.D. spintronic devices (co-advised with Appenzeller)
Moore, Jim M.S. solar cell physics, modeling, and characterization
Sun, Xingshu Ph.D. device physics, compact models, and system simulation
Wang, Xufeng Ph.D. solar cell physics, modeling, and characterization
Maassen, Jesse Post-Doc physics, devices, simulation and modeling


Recent Graduates:

Changwook Jeong (Samsung)
Shuaib Salamat (National Univ. of Science and Technology, Pakistan)
Ra Seong Kim (Intel)
Yang Liu (IBM)
Himadri Pal (TI)
Anisur Rahman (Intel)
Jing Wang (IBM)
Jing Guo (U. Florida)
Ramesh Venugopal (TI)
Zhibin Ren (IBM)
Jung-Hoon Rhew (Intel)
Neophytos Neophytou (TU Wein)
Siyu Koswatta (IBM)
Sayed Hasan (Intel)


Recent Visitors and Post Docs:

Tony Low (IBM Research)
Jesse Maassen (McGill)
Roberto Grassi (Bologna)
Genchiau (Albert) Liang (NUS Singapore)
Sebastien Goasguen (Clemson)
Mathieu Luisier (ETH Zurich)
Mani Vaiadayathan (Univ. of Alberta)