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Led by Hudson Valley Community College, whose mission will be to bring together business, educators, and government in a collaborative effort to build a highly-skilled technical workforce to meet the soon-to-be burgeoning employment demands of these rapidly growing industries in our region. When fully implemented, this Center will deliver cutting-edge educational and training programs, coordinate student recruitment and cooperative employment opportunities, research emerging workforce trends and training needs, and disseminate findings and best practices for the benefit of its partners, the regional economy as a whole, and other communities seeking answers for similar challenges.

NEATEC will serve as a critical, sustainable resource to create and maintain a skilled technical workforce for the semiconductor and nanotechnology industries in New York State and Western New England. Through an extensive network of community college, university, and industry partners, NEATEC will identify the essential technician competencies and skills required by such a workforce. NEATEC will develop curricular components and delivery methods to impart those skills to students. NEATEC will also create and disseminate educational materials to support curricula implementation at its community college and high school partners, and provide professional development activities for high school and community college faculty. Lastly, through partner internships, co-ops, shadowing opportunities and outreach activities, NEATEC will educate current and future students regarding technological career pathways and expand the pipeline of K-12 students interested in semiconductor and nanotechnology career options.”

The growth of the semiconductor manufacturing and nanotechnology industries are limited by the availability of a high-quality, technically savvy workforce. Consequently, the following Center goals have been established.