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  1. Can't plot mesh

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    I use this as an input file but the mesh plotting line at the end keep gives an error

    title      MOSFET - NMOS

    MESH RECT NX=51 NY=51


  2. mesh size

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      I am wondering, how to define of  the  mesh size  in nm scale in blender.


  3. Microstructural Design of Electrically Active Materials and Devices Through Computational Modeling: The OOF Project

    20 Jan 2009 | | Contributor(s):: R. Edwin Garcia

    We present an overview of a public domain program, the Object Oriented Finite Element analysis (OOF), which predicts macroscopic behavior, starting from an image of the microstructure and ending with results from finite element calculations. The program reads an image (or a sequence of images)...