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  1. Scarlett Jones


  2. What The Simpsons Teach Us About Customer Service

    31 Jan 2019 | Posted by Vaishali Gopi

    While most of us dismiss cartoons as having only kiddy stuff, you will be surprised to know that there is a lot that you can learn from cartoons. Let us take the example of the much loved cartoon...


  3. 3 Reasons to Listen to Your Front-Line Employees

    02 Jan 2019 | Posted by Vaishali Gopi

    At the workplace, the first people who come in contact directly with the customer are frontline employees. The workload on their plate can be a positive feedback or a day that is hectic and tedious...


  4. The #1 Thing That Creates Loyal Customers

    19 Dec 2018 | Posted by Vaishali Gopi

    All of us know it well that in order to have a thriving business it is imperative to build a loyal customer base. The relationship between a good or bad customer base and company growth is fairly...


  5. Free PC Software And Courses

    14 Aug 2018 | Posted by mazhar iqbal

    Hi, We are presenting a website which provides free softwares and courses in single click. free pc software download windows xp and many others tools at single click.


  6. Start to Build a Bitcoin Exchange Site

    13 Aug 2018 | Posted by Julie Mitts

    If you’re planning on building a bitcoin exchange, make sure you have enough financial resources. To answer your question precisely, I would like to recommend Blockchain App Factory. They...


  7. How to Solve QuickBooks issues with QuickBooks file Doctor?

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  8. Definitions: What is Ecommerce? What is Open Cart Review?

    16 Nov 2017 | Posted by Yarik Rakov

    If you’re entirely new to the world of selling through an online store, you’ll need to get some necessary information and definitions in place before you jump into the fray. When you...


  9. Amazon listing software - Switch up your coordination

    20 Sep 2017 | Posted by R.L. Adams

    Coordinations are at the core of your business. You can squander a great deal of cash on bundling and postage if you don't first advance your procedures. How are your present satisfaction...


  10. AQUAMI: Automatic Quantitative Analysis of Microstructures

    29 Aug 2017 | Contributor(s):: Joshua Stuckner

    AQUAMI is an open source Python package and GUI which can automatically analyze micrographs and extract quantitative information to characterize microstructure features. This software package utilizes digital image analysis methods to perform many thousands of measurements on an image and reports...

  11. VALint: the NEEDS Verilog-A Checker (BETA)

    21 Jan 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Xufeng Wang, Geoffrey Coram, Colin McAndrew

    Verilog-A lint and pretty printer created by NEEDS

  12. Software Point of Sales Online Omega POS Cloud

    22 Mar 2014 | Posted by Agung Purnomo

    Tetapi Anda tetap perlu tahu coursesmart JalanTikus.com tidak seperti Indowebster . com website hanya di mana berkaitan dengan situs yang biasanya menyediakan Anda dengan program rendition diisi...


  13. Open Source nanoBIO-related Software

    05 Oct 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Umberto Ravaioli, Nahil Sobh, Ann Christine Catlin, Sudheera Ruwanthaka Fernando

    The nanoBIO group at nanoHUB offers a searchable online database of nanoBIO software. This database provides the worldwide community of nanoBIO users a way to browse, explore and download information about available resources.

  14. Intel Cluster Studio XE 2013 for Distributed Performance

    11 Mar 2013 | | Contributor(s):: James Tullos

    This is a PowerPoint presentation presented by James Tullos of Intel at Purdue University on March 8, 2013.

  15. 2010 Nano-Biophotonics Summer School @ UIUC Lecture 5 - Biomedicine - A tour of the Cell

    20 Sep 2010 | | Contributor(s):: Marina Marjanovic

    Edited and Uploaded by Omar Sobh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  16. Nanoelectronic Modeling Lecture 29: Introduction to the NEMO3D Tool

    02 Mar 2010 | | Contributor(s):: Gerhard Klimeck

    This presentation provides a very high level software overview of NEMO3D. The items discussed are:Modeling Agenda and MotivationTight-Binding Motivation and basic formula expressionsTight binding representation of strainSoftware structureNEMO3D algorithm flow NEMO3D parallelization scheme –...

  17. Nanoelectronic Modeling Lecture 28: Introduction to Quantum Dots and Modeling Needs/Requirements

    02 Mar 2010 | | Contributor(s):: Gerhard Klimeck

    This presentation provides a very high level software overview of NEMO1D.Learning Objectives:This lecture provides a very high level overview of quantum dots. The main issues and questions that are addressed are:Length scale of quantum dotsDefinition of a quantum dotQuantum dot examples and...

  18. Nanoelectronic Modeling Lecture 27: NEMO1D -

    02 Mar 2010 | | Contributor(s):: Gerhard Klimeck

    This presentation provides a very high level software overview of NEMO1D. The items discussed are:User requirementsGraphical user interfaceSoftware structureProgram developer requirementsDynamic I/O design for batch and GUIResonance finding algorithmInhomogeneous energy meshingInformation flow,...

  19. Porting, Tuning and Performance Analysis Tools

    29 Dec 2008 | | Contributor(s):: Mohamed Sayeed

    A basic introduction to Porting, Tuning and Performance analysis tools will be presented. I will talk about issues in porting applications to different architectures including writing portable programs. Application performance tuning is very important to making efficient use of high performance...

  20. Tutorial for NanogromacsSenior

    28 Apr 2008 | | Contributor(s):: Dairui Chen